Rebcam vinyl rifle camo stencil 12″x6″ sheets


The best way to get professional results.




This is a high quality stencil precision cut from Avery SF-100-235 high temp low tack vinyl. It is a peel and stick vinyl that is easy on and off,  ideal to use with: Duracoat, Rustoleum and Krylon. Why is that important because cheaper lower quality vinyl will melt if you use a hair dryer or heat gun to speed up the paint cure times and theses are also safe to use with oven cure applications like: Cerakote and Aluma-Hyde II or Gunkote. I’ve  used these very same vinyl stencils with acrylic, enamel, epoxy and resin based paints with professional results. These vinyl stencils will not bleed or peel off your last coat of paint like the cheaper types you will find on EBay! These are the very same stencils I use for applying all my graphics and pattern to all my projects and firearms. Don’t waste hours upon hours of your time cutting your own stencils to save couple of bucks that will ultimately be inferior anyway! I sell Mylar stencils as well, they have their place but they don’t allow you to get around the contours very well. Save yourself a big headache and time which equals money, by using professional already cut RSD stencils. The pictures show a weeded stencil for display only.This listing  contains four 12″x6″ Multicam style un-weeded stencil sheets preferred by most professionals who like the versatility of both a male and a female useable vinyl stencil. One sheet will cover a large pistol. Two sheets will cover optics, flashlights and suppressors. Get three or more for long guns and accessories etc. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of this design process for you!

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4 sheets, 6 sheets